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  1. Equine Poultice - Healing Clay for horses
  2. Three Angels' Heavenly Rub - for bruises, joints, aches and pain

"With over 30 years experience, consistant quality and record making products,
we take pride in each and every product that we offer

for your horse,
yourself and your family."

Angel Gonzalez, Jr.
A&J's Ice Poultice and Three Angels' Heavenly Rub are quickly becoming a preferred choice of professionals for both equines and people.

Angel custom whips are used by some of the top show jumping riders and jockey's around the world. 

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Poultice & Rub/Spray
for Equines & People

"For over 30 years, we've formulated just the right ingredients
in each product for the maximum benefit and healing strength."

Each equine & human poultice, spray and/or rub is made of natural
non-toxic ingredients and comes with our personal satisfaction guarantee.

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Angel Whips
Custom Designed Handmade Equine Whips

Equine whips, handcrafted and custom made to fit your personal preferences.
Angel hand picks, designs and creates each whip according to his customer's specifications.
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Take time to read the comments of satisfied
customers for both our Equine and Human products.
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    Head Athletic Trainer, Boston Bruins
    Thank you so much for sharing your products, "Three Angels" with us this past season. I was able to use it on a number of our players throughout the year for various injuries. I definitely feel that it helped reduce the severity and healing times of a multitude of ailments that our players suffered during the regular season an playoffs. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to reduce pain and inflammation. I will continue to keep it in our training room and use it a needed to keep our players healthy and pain free throughout the season. Best of Health, Don DelNegro MS, L-ATC, CSCS
  2. 1
    The Chronicle of the Horse - (answering a forum question about custom made whips) "Angel makes the best WHIPS..."
  3. 2
    "I second Angel!! He not only makes the best WHIPS, the best POULTICE also!!"
  4. 3
    "Agreed! Angel makes the best WHIPS and is also tops in the customer service dept. He is a great guy and his whips, poultice and people products are wonderful. Totally worth the $$"
  5. 4
    "As a professional jockey, I have used THREE ANGELS' PRODUCTS for years with great results every time. After years of Horse Racing and different falls that have left me with swollen and stiff joints, I spray the aching areas with Angels' Heavenly Rub, let it dry and then put on Therapeutic Clay as directed. In most cases I've been pain free and the swelling would be gone within a few hours. Sometimes I would treat it overnight and by next morning the swelling and soreness would be gone. I have recommended Three Angels' Products to many people I have met over the years who have complained of the same issues and they have had the same results. Because the makers stand by their products, you owe it to yourself to give them a try."